This is Sherry Yang.  I’m no ordinary developer.

I should’ve started this before my career was set off.  But here I am trying to play catchup on blogging about my learning experience as a semi-experienced developer.

It’s ok.  Now <2013 ATM> is not too late. (so i think)

From the beginning, I started off with Pascal, and surprisingly fell in love with seeing “Hello World!” on my screen.  I had brief contact with C and C++.  Finally grasped the concept of Object-Oriented programming with Java.

While all the backend programming learning was going on, I self taught Photoshop and got addicted to photo edits and enhancements.  I wouldn’t call myself an artist, but I have a set of keen eyes on graphics.  To this day, very few people have had seen my work, which I’m ok with.  I do it mostly for fun.

So I program and love graphics, and explored my way to the wonderful world of webpages.  Here I found colours and funky animations, and thought to myself,  I love to be part of this.  Hence, more HTML learning, more CSS learning, and much more JavaScript learning.  (i’m actually major in php)

Next thing you know, I’m developing mobile applications.

The fun things that I’m currently learning are

  • Appcelerator: Titanium.  There is a load of concepts to adapt, but come to think about it, it’s like a div within a div, a window within a window.  Not bad, not bad at all.
  • Ember.js with Cordova.  Wonderful JavaScript framework, once you understand the concept thoroughly.  Cordova is fantastic, everyone should play with it!!
  • Django (Python Web framework)
  • C Programming to communicate with sensors and RFID reader on a Raspberry PI
  • C# with .NET Framework in Visual Studio
  • C++ Programming with mbed on ARM devices
  • Angular
  • Auth0
  • Selenium and BrowserStack
  • React
  • MERN

Let’s cut to the chase and play.

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